Client Name: Al Majdouie Group
Location: Jubail Industrial City , KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Architectural Competition


The project is mixed-use development that consists of:
• Hotel with its recreational facilities in the uppermost level having a great view of the surroundings and nearby sea, in particular
• Apartment Buildings of variety of heights
• In the eastern part of the lot is the Family Residential Compound. Although traditional in façade, the planning is open and internal fences are not provided, instead landscaping is provided as separation between villas
• 9 & 8 stories Office Buildings
• The Ground Floor at western side of the lot facing the main road is designated for commercial spaces

Design concept:
Conceptually, the design incorporates the traditional style expressing the identity of the Gulf region and the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in particular. Imbuing the project with great formal richness and remarkable flexibility that could achieve the goal of creating a new related and iconic landmark of Architecture in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.


The buildings facades use the traditional elements, colors, patterns, and architectural style that are commonly known and recognized in the region. Besides, being able to execute the building with affordable selected finishes, the complementing details and landscape are smartly and suitably selected to achieve this objective “A development with a distinctive identity, yet executed at a cost effective budget”.