Client Name: AFAM Holding Co.
Location: Dammam, KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Architectural, Interior ,Engineering design and Project Management


Located near the business center and the vibrant waterfront area of Dammam, a place well suited for an Apart-hotel project. The Project's aim is to develop a quality and modern hotel serviced apartment styled different from what traditionally being offered in Dammam. This tackled the issues of appearance, facilities and response to contextual surrounding. One of the features of the building is the sliding louvers at front elevation which gives a variable appearance depending on the location of each louver, a contemporary style which is not common in the local architecture typology of similar neighboring buildings.


This, besides the architectural style and urban response to its contextual surroundings, meant to provide high flexibility solution for dwellers accommodating different climatically and privacy needs. The designer, through this project wishes to set a new local real estate standard for small to medium residential condos or boutique hotels prototype that may evolve to be a smart brand commonly built throughout the region.