Client Name: First Gulf Real Estate
Location: Halfmoon Beach, KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Infrastructure, Dredging, Reclamation and Revertment work (In association with Atkins)


AFM-Consultants in association with ATKINS were appointed by the Client to make a design concept and technical study for Al-Dannat resort development. The proposed project is situated in the south Halfmoon Bay of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The primary purpose of the construction is a 100-hectares mixed-use development estate that will house
• Luxury and normal villas
• Town-houses
• Apartments
• Hotel
• Commercial area
• Civic facilities
• Marina
• Open recreational area

The study area is a flat and featureless, sandy beach with very low diversity and constantly facing a threat of sand accumulation since it is in the southernmost part of the bay.

An area of approximately 675,000 sqm will be reclaimed and will be fully completed. The entire site will be fully serviced with all of the modern up-to-date infrastructures necessary to sustain an excellent working and living environment.


Dannat Resort is a mixed-use residential and retail development. Residential units are proposed to be constructed of pre-cast system. Earlier conducted ecological survey study include of water quality, temperature and salinity of the area to ensure the feasibility of the proposed project.