Client Name: n/a
Location: Saihat, KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Complete A/E design


The project’s aim is to develop buildings different from traditional buildings in Saihat in terms of appearance, facilities and concept depending on building use and functionni.e. in the commercial/residential complex, architect is developing 4 residential buildings with one commercial podium in ground & first floor with considering the separation in circulation between commercial & residential units with utilizing all allowed built up area by using FAR system. In the meantime, the privacy for the residence is considered by keeping good distance between masses which reach around 10 meters. Architectural façade treatment is homogeneous and consistent for all 4 buildings with podium as well by using modern simple clear lines by playing with masses and finishing materials & colors and providing open green areas as much as possible.

At the Admin/Cultural Center, architect is developing building with different architectural masses indicating the different functions inside the building from auditorium, 3 multi-purpose halls, museum and library as cultural center in the lower floors through providing separate entrances for each section, while utilizing the upper floors as headquarter of saihat society which contains training center, happiness center, committees and admin offices. Overall look of the building is homogeneous using modern and contemporary style of architecture and combining different materials & colors with different architectural treatments as well. This all done with development cost in mind to construct the project at a considerably controlled budget.


In the Women Center, architect is developing building combining both aesthetically, functional needs while still considering privacy for women. It contains different functions like health club containing swimming pool, spa, gym, and outdoor jogging track, beauty center, multi-purpose halls, kids’ area, shops, kiosks and coffee shop. In addition to that, the center contains admin and committees sections, training and educational center for handicrafts, computer, languages, sewing, cooking, etc.