Client Name: n/a
Location: Jubail Industrial City , KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Architectural Competition


Al-Nakheel Mixed-Use Development is a multi-purpose commercial combining the comforts, more carefully-planned living spaces, open plaza and places that provides both a sense of unparalleled convenience as well as immediate escape of relaxation.

A track of land with a total area of 28,754 sqm. is to be develop into a Mixed Use Facility, where people can work, shop, reside, and enjoy leisure activities all within the proximity of the area. The program consist of a 14 Storey 5 star hotel with 3 levels of parking (12,600 sqm.), an 11 storey office tower with 3 levels of parking (11,580 sqm.), random cafes, (combined area of 3,014 sqm.), bank (875 sqm.), commercial outlets (combined area of 3,455 sqm.) It also has a very hospitable plaza with ample number of site parking.

The project is a distinctive and has a modern contemporary style on the building structures. The podiums are modern interpretation of Gulf regional architecture. It’s a fusion of two styles together and come up with a concept that is acceptable in the region and at the same time addressing the global trend prevailing in the present times.


No other progress offers similarly scaled conveniences that Al-Nakheel Mixed-use development provides. With more than 2 hectares of land area, it will always find opportunities to engage in living in both worlds. The concept of a sustainable and green environment is part of the design criteria and as a requirement of the Client; it will be applied for Leed Certification.