Client Name: Abdul Rahman Al Sheikh
Location: Al-Khobar waterfront, KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Architectural and Engineering Design


The project has a total land area of 1358 sqm located in Al-Khobar waterfront. The developer’s program requires the following:
- A basement plus 3 levels above ground for parking to accommodate the required number of guests.
- 2 commercial shops with a combined area of 270 sqm of rentable space.
- A swimming pool overlooking a landscaping in the 4th floor.
- 44 apartment located from 5th to 14th floor plus 2 luxury suite on 15th and 16th floor with roof gardens overlooking the seafront.
- A spacious lobby lounge in the ground floor with sitting and coffee bar.


Design Concept:
The main goal of the project is to provide a place for families to stay and relax in the busy commercial city. Providing the necessary facilities for a safe and comfortable living environment. Sustainable and green is also a criteria, taking into consideration the impact of the project in the environment. Attention is given to building orientation, glare reduction, vegetation and making use of grey water system. A traffic impact study is also conducted to reduce the effect of the project on the existing road and pedestrian circulation.