Client Name: Sitco Pharmaceutical Company
Location: Riyadh, KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Architectural and Engineering Design and Project Management


AThe project design will provide 3-warehouse of each 3,000 sqm of floor area and an office space under a single roof. The entire warehouse was interconnected by access ways. The main frame of the building was a pre-engineered steel structure with metal insulated panels, wall cladding and roofing. In spite of huge space, the scheme was designed to ensure durability and ease of maintenance, to minimize energy consumption and reduce running costs.


The curved walling at the main fa├žade helped impart a distinctly modern appearance to the office building elevation at front & adds further drama to the main building entrance. Besides, it allowed building signs being viewed from street directions and angles. Our growing technical expertise in the pharmaceutical field design was no doubt invested in guiding client for best utilization of required space, most efficient stacking, and most optimum criteria for site maneuvering.