Client Name: Sham Tourism Enterprise
Location: Halfmoon Beach, KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Architectural and Engineering Design


The master planning of a water theme park aspires to create a class theme park at the existing Palm Beach Resort located at half moon bay, eastern region of Saudi Arabia. A cluster in a distinctive landscape setting which is open, coherent, innovative, sustainable and flexible to housemen, women and children.

Series of water rides includes slides, river-ride, pools, flow rider, lagoon, aqua play pool, etc. which bring a total entertainment for all age groups is a unique feature. An organic approach to the master plan is to create a distinctive theme to the Palm Beach Resort synchronizing the surrounding landscape into a fact. By bringing entrance plaza to the site at the center creates a visual separation between different zones and acts as a focal point.


Zoning of the family, placed in the midst of the master-plan not only segregates the men and women sections, but also creates dynamism within the realm. The family zone has chalets, which in turn offer more private spaces for the family. The project facades and permanent forms have been developed in a regional architectural style to bring in harmony in a traditional neighborhood.