Client Name: Jeddah Municipality
Location: Jeddah, KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Development of criteria and guidelines to improve architectural features of the city center


AFM with its associates were appointed by the Jeddah municipality authorities to prepare urban study for the re-development and physical improvements of Jeddah's streets and corridors.

The study included a physical and photographic survey and analysis of the current problems for selected study streets of the city. Recent intense growth pressures within the city have increased the need to ensure responsible development. Such analysis covered were pedestrian zone design, street furnishings, street traffic, urban tree canopy, street and building signage.

The proposed standards apply to new pedestrian zone streets being proposed within the Municipality limits and for existing streets that are being reconfigured as part of a larger neighborhood scale improvement project.


The creation of an urban tree canopy was an important aspect of Jeddah's environment well-being. Regarding building configuration that regulates the way in which buildings interact with the street, building facades over the street should be frame the space. Doors and windows are facing the street. All parking shall be located behind buildings, or in garages behind habitable space or free standing liner buildings.

These standards are intended to guide the re-development of existing structures, as well as assist with the development of new structures.