Client Name: Dammam Municipality
Location: Dammam, KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Development of criteria and guidelines to improve architectural features of the city center


A direct appointment made to our office by the municipal authorities to develop an urban design study to improve the image of existing down town center and bring more life and attraction to it.

The study included a physical and photographic survey and an evaluation analysis to identity the current problems the city is suffering from. Such analysis covered, building elevation styles, building signage, street traffic and guidance signage and street furniture.

After have analyzed all problems, couple of proposed solutions and schemes were presented. Reviving the old traditional architectural style the city was known for was the approved scheme for re- development.


The study was made to cover a selected area of the center. The study meant to be applied later, in phases to other down town sectors. As recommended by the study, the execution to be done in phases. Such will allow for more milestones re-evaluation, judgment and improvement of application methodology.