Client Name: Asas Real Estate
Location: Al-Khobar, KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Architectural Competition


Conceptually, the scheme incorporates modern-style expressing the identity of contemporary architecture. Its impacting lights and shadows are also related to today's world modern construction, imbuing the project with great formal richness and remarkable flexibility that could achieve the goal of creating a new iconic landmark of Architecture in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The outside building uses its configuration shape as sun shading screen elements, patterned planes and protruding terraces to create fa├žade that is simple yet functional. This modern yet simple stylish look has been generated thru series of inspirations from the traditional architecture building elements, treatments or solutions. The materials were selected giving priority to the building economy and efficiency thus, the option resides on the acknowledgement that good architecture expresses itself through beauty and harmony forms in resourceful yet artistic manner.


Terraces were incorporated on each residential unit for the contemplation of breathtaking view proportioned to the streets and seafront. Structurally, these terraces work as small extension in balance of the wide concrete portion that supports each floor and is actually developed on design and structural principles of firm and simplicity. A modern architecture inspired by old eastern region style. Square motifs and protruding balconies are transformed into modern architectural elements combined with modern materials and finishes. a mixture of the old and new architecture is the character behind the building. This decorative engraved molding decorating the main spine of the building entrance is one symbolic to the decorations used in the past on top of door arcs and parapets.