Client Name: Marafiq
Location:  Jubail Industrial City , KSA

Consultant’s Involvement:
Schematic Design


The concept was to provide a "smart and sustainable" building where the public visiting Marafiq and the people who work there have a visual interpretation of what Marafiq is all about. Marafiq is a power and water Utility Company that provides citizens with vital day –to-day services. AFM chose the concept of “Earth, Wind, Sun and Water” to express themselves in a graphical form and have others experience it as well. As an added feature, AFM elected to show our citizens and visitors the other side of Marafiq, where the company generates portion of the power it uses, from wind and sun energies.


Also, the creation of roof-top and ground level gardens where the “Albedo Effect” (heat-island effect) is lessened, thus contributing to overall cities wide heat reduction. These Gardens will be serviced by the “Grey-Water” recycling system utilized by this "Smart-Sustainable” building. Finally the centralization of the auditorium and the emphasis on the “Green Ramps” leading to the 2nd level of the main building makes a “Celebration plaza” out of the place. V.I.Ps and others may enjoy this plaza year round.