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A.F.M. Consultants is a multi discipline organization with an experienced professional staff of architects, engineers and allied technical staff. Registered in 1994 and re-structured as an independent office in 2002. The office senior staff is well versed with International standards & codes as well as local regulations, as some have worked in the Kingdom for over two decades. The Professional members of the organization are registered within their specialties. In addition to the well-qualified and highly talented professionals, the organization also has a dynamic and energetic management staff.

The firm derives its power from its flexibility in adhering & recognizing the importance of collaboration amongst consultants of different expertise. To render special services that not only meet client expectations, better yet, exceeds them. The Firm has affiliation and association with other specialized companies of high international repute both locally and abroad.


A.F.M. Consultants gears itself in offering quality & cost- effective services to clients. The firm seeks to render services for a wide variety of projects and clients including government bodies, commercial & industrial organizations, public and private companies and individuals. Various types of projects have served different proposes, such as residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as resorts, hospitals, health care, and recreational facilities all involving design and development of basic infrastructure. A.F.M. Consultants and associates comprise a complete fully functional team. Offering a wide range of pre and post contract services that cover Architectural, Civil, Structural, and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, as well as site & urban planning, Quantity Surveying, Interior Design, Landscaping, Model Making, Feasibility studies, Design proposals, Client Technical Representation, Contract Administration and Project Management.

The organizational structure of A.F.M Consultants is simply flexible. Project teams are formed to meet the technical and administrative requirements of specific projects. Also, effective cost control strategies are implemented by carefully assigning individuals to various segments of the job at hand, according to their specialties, wherever any specialized services are required. A.F.M services include those of our own technical consultants and staff as well as affiliated companies, both locally and abroad. Our staff has also completed a set of noteworthy courses, projects and assignments such as master planning, conceptual and detailed design engineering, Construction Supervision, and Project Management among several others, thereby permitting and enabling the firm to achieve its mission in seeking architectural excellence and improving the local urban fabric, environment and ecology.


Our mission, motivated by dedication in offering quality & cost-effective services to clients, is a commitment to seek out serious regional architectural solutions that serve both projects and their contextual surrounding. Thus, enabling us to participate in creating creative environments with personal identities, where the primary design principles are the orientation, the natural light in the space and at the same time constructing a structure that is environment friendly. New lines of thought intertwined with traditional methodology will challenge the definition of the urban environment in this specific part of the world. Accordingly, we have committed ourselves to the objective of soliciting the most applicable building materials and systems that best suite project paradigms.